We create microworlds

Design company Hochu rayu turns every project into a special microworld - a unique story for your business


Designs are solutions

We create designs as optimal solutions.
Our designs tell the story of your business and reach into the hearts and minds of your desired audience.

Here are the directions of creating your microworld

  • Architecture concept

  • Exhibition stands

  • Concept

  • Landscape concept

  • Showcases

  • Prototype

  • Interior & objects

  • Festivals

  • Product

  • Communication elements


Fill in the application for your project

We understand your needs

We analyze the needs of every participant in your business pocess, which makes our design a tool for great success

We build partnerships

Every project in our company is a joint collaboration between the client and us. Great designs are only possible when we fully understand each other.

Our Awards & Achievements

Every award we have won is a result of joint work between the Hochu rayu team and our clients. We are very proud to have been recognized at both the international and national levels.


I'm Vitalii Kyryliv, cofounder of design company Hochu rayu.
If you have any design needs, I would love to help.
Contact with me now and let's begin our journey!